A young technologist from Newcastle (UK). Ahead of his time, his inventions such as the papyrus typewriter, or the courier service with express pigeons, which he would call “ProtoTwitter”. No one yet understood why he called everything Proto. Here we can see him with one of his best friends, Sir Friederich Goughle, although Johanson decided to call him Google because it sounded better, he was his neighbor, and with whom they patented a formula called “ProtoInternet”, Although it was blocked by the government, as it was considered too much of a novelty, they believed that there would be too many exports and not enough ships for it. Johanson made a name for himself, among the mathematicians and nobles who acclaimed him: he decided to establish the legacy of the Rootsons family, together with his 3 brothers, by creating the family heraldry, and having the vision of communicating with people from all over the world, thus being able to trade with any country, regardless of the distance.




During the following centuries the Rootsons family grew and achieved great acomplishments. Johanson’s great-great-grandson discovered the Americas thanks to his high level of Advanced Analytics that offered the coordinates of the pigeons’ trips and the mathematical algorithms he routinely used. Thanks to this, the family made friends with natives from all over the American continent, using express pigeons, trained to send long-distance messages, these pigeons would be called “distant WhatsApp”. Unfortunately, by using ‘Password’ as a password, Columbus stole his data. He couldn’t be smart at everything.

This allowed England to begin trading by sea with the new continent. This technique of using boats and marketing with many diverse regions, both in America and in other European territories, doing it with precision, always obtaining feedback on the product and opinions from the end users, the family called “Ontime Marketing ”.



The Rootsons family was thriving, helping businesses large and small to sell more on many routes, while continuing to innovate in science. It was precisely with one of the best friends of the family, a certain Newton, that together they developed the formula of gravity, but also a second formula, that allowed the entire population to communicate with each other, which they were going to call “Advanced Social Networks”. However, this second formula never got to see the light of day, since the government and the powerful opposed emphatically, saying that there would be too many new merchants who would take away market share, who would then become bourgeois, causing would be too much trade in the country to be controllable. So, the powerful banded together to discredit the Rootsons family, burning their little castle, relegating them to the last page of the merchant index, to be completely invisible and forcing them into exile. It was at that time that the family had to make a journey to the Iberian peninsula, in a march through a complicated, sea where several members of the family perished …


Only recently did the 4 descendants of the Rootsons family met again in Barcelona. Determined to do their best, putting the Rootsons name back on the international scene, by helping small and large companies to sell better through the Internet. Four rare birds: each one has a different personality, but all of them have spent their entire lives focused on Online Marketing, just as our founder, Johanson Rootsons, would have liked. One of the Rootsons has lived in Asia and the USA for more than a decade, where he has made friends everywhere and learned the best of the culture of the Far East, thus specializing in digital strategy and Social Ads. Another has lived in Germany and Latin America, doing advanced robotics and analytics at the highest level. Another has lived in Slovenia, has tanned in the Balkans and although he may seem cold and calculating, when talking about Strategy, SEO, SEM and Digital Analytics, his expression changes into pure hapiness.

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